About Your Personal Fitness Trainer

Melody Jones has been physically active all her life through participating in school sports and modern dance. Her love for fitness kept her interest in the fitness industry and became an AFFA certified Aerobic instructor and then a BNRI certified Personal Trainer. Melody is certified and trained in varies areas of fitness which spans for more than 15 years. Her clients benefit from the combination of all her knowledge.

Melody has a very diverse back ground, born in the Bahamas whose father is half Chinese and Bahamanian and mother whose from Long Island, Bahamas descendant’s of French, German and Irish gives her a unique and questionable look. Melody left the Bahamas at the age of two with her family and new Italian step father to Europe until she was 10 where then her family moved back to the Bahamas for a few years before settle here in Florida. Melody recently moved back to Miami from Atlanta GA, where she got married.

Melody is a very mellow person, a giver, a peace maker, a joy bringer. So no wonder when she discovered Yoga it became her second love. She has always been worldly spiritual so combing exercise with spirit became second nature to her. She calls it a ‘Melo’s Flow’. The way she flows from one asana to another becomes a natural dance, the dance of life. You will find her yoga presences to deepened your practice has you loose yourself in the flow of the dance of life.

Melody loves to dance of course, which is her first love. She loves the great outdoors, “anything outdoor”. She enjoys camping, hiking, climbing. In her quite time she enjoys reading spiritual, enlighten and conscious expanding books and loves to cook. And yes she is a sun worshiper as well loves the beach and ‘everything beach’

Training with Melody is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Melody’s knowledge and strong commitment to her clients helps them to achieve their training goals by pushing the clients to their own individual potential. Melody helps them to take advantage of the life long health benefits associated with general fitness training. She trains them mentally as well, helping the clients embrace health and fitness as a way of life. Melody teaches that “Knowledge combined with a strong commitment and time.” Are the only building blocks that will allow you to successfully achieve the specific fitness goals you desire.

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